The Dick on That Chick



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This mischievous MILF appears to be in no mood to be trifled with, and woe unto those who dare to draw her ire! Well, woe unto those who aren't willing to take a large, thick dildo in their ass, that it. For all those perverted others, hey, a guy's gotta get it where he can, you know? This particular pegging sesh features perhaps the largest of Leslie's rubber and neoprene arsenal, and she certainly proves more than adept at handling her big weapon. She clearly sets her primary target squarely in her sights and executes her intention effortlessly and efficiently--she even manages to squeeze off a few extra rounds at the end before spreading her legs to expose and finger bang her moist, pink pussy. Then ultimately, she greedily receives an impressive bounty of hot cum across her face and in her waiting mouth while stroking her big, rubber dong