Party Girl - Intx Assignment



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So you want to party with me? You want to get fucked up with me? Of course you do! You need to be able to keep up. I need to know that if I take you out with me and my girlfriends that you will be able to keep up with us and not make a fool of us. You're going to practice with me, I am going to tell you when you take a sh0t and you will need to keep up. If you're going to look like a fool and make a fool out of yourself it needs to at least be entertaining. People will look at you and then at us and wonder why you are out with us, why we would ever want to have someone like you with us. It will be pretty evident when you're paying for all of our drinks and food we want though! I will tell you what I want you to do that will entertain me. Think of this as an audition! Pretty girls don't pay their own tabs, so you're going to pay all of that. Go ahead and make a $50 tribute, think of this as practice for how it will be