Eternal Virgin - Step 1 - Acceptance


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It is important to be honest with yourself and accept that you are the way that you are because that's how it is. You're either a virgin because you've never had sex or you're a born again virgin - you've had sex but it's been so long since you've had sex that it doesn't count anymore. Doesn't matter which one you are, you're a virgin and that's how it will be. Why can't you get laid? Is it because you look like a weirdo? You have a small cock? But in the end does it really matter? Just accept it! Stop thinking about sex, the whatifs, the times you could have had sex but didn't. If you're not getting laid then you don't know what you are missing! Your whole life will be spent as a virgin. Time to accept it! I want you to get into the right mindset so I have a plan for you. This is a series to learn to accept your eternal virginity and learn to find something (Me!) to devote yourself to! Look for tomorrow's episode of step 2