Eternal Virgin - Step 3 - Midweek Check


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Please make sure to have bought steps 1 and 2 and watch them before buying this one! It's time for your midweek checkin! The whole point of this was accepting that you are not in control and you do not get laid and that's because you aren't meant to. The week long break from porn and jerking off is to allow you to change the way you think and allow me to control you and lead you. I want you to live in a good and happy life, but to do that you need to accept that this is the way it should be. This as this as the first step of allowing me to take control. If we are now half way through the midweek check in and you've not touched yourself then you're doing great and we are almost there! Just a few more days and we can really begin! I'll see you in a few days to celebrate your week of chastity and to let you in on the next step