Eternal Virgin - Step 4 - Devotion and D


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You should be through the 7 days now and if you obeyed then you kept your hands off your cock for the full 7 days. Here we are now, you've allowed your brain to take the backseat and for me to take control of both your brain and cock. I need you to think "What would JessiBelle say?" what would she do? You need to stop thinking that you're missing something because you're not get laid. You are now allowing me to take control. I am the one telling you what to do and how to do it. I need to take control and so do you. You NEED this. All orgasms are now mine. Every jerk off session is commanded by me. You will spend the rest of your life devotion yourself to only me. Everything is now mine. You will move forward with this idea as the center of everything