Worship your Vampire queen


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
5:49 min - Oct 12 - .MP4 - 167.37 MB


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CONTAINS NUDITY. CLIP IS 5 MINUTES AND 49 SECONDS FETISHES INCLUDED: -VAMPIRE -BODYSTOCKING -FANGS -ALIENS AND MONSTERS -EROTIC MAGIC -MESMERIZE -TIT PLAY -TIT WORSHIP -TITTY SQUEEZING -GOTHIC -TEASE -ASS FETISH -WHITE BOOTY The VAMPIRE QUEEN appears in your bedroom....Bright white a long fangs, beautiful makeup and raven black hair.... "My little one, Isnt this what you've been dreaming of? The VAMPIRE QUEEN coming to you in your bedroom. She shows off her WHITE FANGS and licks her teeth and mouth. "What do you want to do my little one? Do you want to MAKEOUT with the VAMPIRE QUEEN? " She teases you with her breath, her white fangs and her pretty face as she starts to CARESS herself. "Are you frightened? Do you want to touch me? " She shows off her FANGS and HISSES at you in a scary but seductive way. "Your bloo**d smells so good...I can tell its VIRGIN bloo**d. " She starts RUBBING HER TITS as you watch them, mesmerized. "Do you want to caress these? Dont they look so good in this BODYSTOCKING? " She keeps caressing them and rubbing them and then shows her FANGS and HISSES at you again. Your turned on but scared. She reassures you..."Dont worry, I do that when Im HORNY. Do you want to WORSHIP this VAMPIRE body? This body thats seen and done all." She says as she keeps touching herself and getting more turned on. "Take a good look" She says as she PULLS OUT HER TITS and RUBS them. She caresses herself and shows off her body and the bodystocking shes wearing. She rubs her tits in your face and asks again If you'd like to touch them. She rubs her body and shows off her BODYSTOCKING and shows off her BIG WHITE BOOTY "Are you ready to WORSHIP me? Like a true goddess Vampire deserves? " She shows off her FANGS again super close to you and then backs up and pulls her tits fully out of her BODYSTOCKING and you can see shes not wearing any panties either....as she continues to dance for you and show off her body. "Ill be back....in your dreams...very soon my little one