My Daughter, the Chronic Maturbator

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My Daughter, the Chronic Masturbator Starring Liz Rainbow Scene 1 Liz is alone in her room. It's early morning, and Liz needs the right type of encouragement to help her start the day. She listens for her dad. There is not a sound coming from downstairs. The coast is clear. Liz reaches for her magic wand and begins to play. Lost in the moment, Liz bucks and tosses in throws of passion as her fingers slip inside of her. The wand sends waves of pleasure through her body. Liz becomes caught up in the sensation of the moment, moaning and groaning as she cums repeatedly. When she finishes, she lies in an ecstatic state, oblivious to the fact that her dad has entered the room and caught her red handed. He chastises her. "This is a masturbation free house young lady. I won't have it, not whilst your living under my roof!" Scene 2 Liz and her dad are watching a movie. Her dad has drifted off. The scenes in the film are rather risqué, and are making Liz feel quite mischievous. Liz sites back on the sofa, hitches up her skirt, pulls her panties to the side and starts to masturbate. She doesn't care that her dad is sat right next to her. Liz has to cum. As she brings herself to orgasm, her dad stirs. "Young lady! What do you think you Are playing at?" Liz has no justifiable response. Daddy orders Liz to lie over his lap. Her pulls up her skirt and brings out a paddle. Maybe a good spanking will set his daughter straight? "You are on a masturbation ban young woman. Do you understand?" Scene 3 The masturbation ban has been in effect for a week now. Liz comes in to her dad's bedroom to speak with him. "What's wrong darling?" "Dad, it's my pussy. It aches so bad. I haven't played for a week now, but I need to daddy. I need a release." Dad thinks for a moment. "Okay. Maybe we can move towards a restricted and controlled scenario. Maybe you should only masturbate with my permission." Liz tries, but to no avail. She cannot bring herself any pleasure. The desire to cum just becomes more intense. "Daddy! You have broken my pussy!" Liz snarls at her dad. "It is no good. I need more." "How can I help?" "Maybe if I touch your dick whilst I play. maybe that will help?" They try. Still no joy. "Daddy! I need the real thing, otherwise you might need to take me to see a doctor." Maybe sex will work. maybe Liz will be able to find pleasure. But if she can, will she let her father enjoy the experience as well? Will she let him cum? Or, will she deny him, placing him on a masturbation ban