The Butt Witch


Lacy Luck

American / USA
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Custom clip, no names are used so everyone can join the fun. The order: You come home from a workout to a house you bought cheap. You are wearing the shiny purple leggings and a tight shirt. You go through some mail and decide to read one from the home's previous owner. You read out loud how the house is haunted by the spirit of a witch who has been on the lookout for a new body to inhabit. Once it finds one it deems physically perfect, it possesses it and drives out any existence or memory from its victim. It enters the body through the butt, travels up the back into the brain, and then takes over, erasing any existence of its former inhabitant. This makes you scoff and laugh it off as a bunch of stupid hocus pocus. You toss the letter aside and then bend over to tie your shoes (giving a nice spandex ass shot). You stand up again and begin to walk into another room when you seems to hear something. "Hello?" you ask, but there is no answer. You begin to walk to the kitchen but are suddenly frozen to the spot. You can't move your feet! You try to move again but start to feel pain in them, then it occurs to you that they are taking root! You are horrified as you realize this is the witch! You struggle to move but now even the slightest action causes pain as they are rooted in the ground (pretend the roots are underneath the shoes). Cut to a shot of you standing , still rooted, with your hands tied behind your back. You try to free yourself but can't. You have no choice but stand like a statue, moving your legs a bit but unable to free them or your hands. We get different camera angles to view of all your contours, stopping for a few minutes to get a shot of your purple butt. While this happens you talk aloud wondering what's going to happen to you. Your legs suddenly bend making you stand as if your about to get a spanking . We then get POV shot of the witch's spirit as it moves towards your butt (just a close up shot of your behind in the camera is fine if you can't move the camera). You plead with it not to take you over. We then see your butt wiggling as it is possessed and the spirit moves through your body. You gradually stop struggling and begin to let out an evil laugh. The witch remarks she never thought she would find such a great body again, but it finally happened. Now she is ready to go out and find a new man. We end with you slapping your spandex butt and walking off camera