The Muscle Queen Owns You

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American / Las Vegas
382 5.0
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Winkle Kinks - Top reviewer Dec 27
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The ultimate model for a muscle worship video. And this is much more than muscle worship. Brandi Mae is flawless!

The Muscle Queen Brandi Mae is stronger, smarter, and superior to you in every way. She gazes at you with arrogance as she flexes her muscles and belittles you. As you gaze upon her beauty and muscles, you quickly realize that she could break you and toss you around like a little kid. She sits in her throne and unzips her boots.. she calls you a wimp and tells you that you know your place. She laughs at you as she talks about how easy it is for her to own little bitches like you. She turns around and as you see the her INCREDIBLE muscular thighs and ass, you sink further and further in to her servitude. She orders you to kiss her ass and worship it, and tells you that if she wanted you, she could break your face with her ass. She bends over and spreads her ass and tells you to stick your nose in her ass. She wants you to smell her superiority... After you lick all the sweat out of her asshole she sits down and shoves her sweaty feet in your face. You know you are lucky to have a chance to eat her superior footsweat! In the ends, she orders you to jerk off for her while you worship her muscles.. she counts down from 10... as you do her bidding, you know you have become her property. ALL MUST OBEY THE MUSCLE QUEEN