Homewrecked by Shiny Heels


Lady Morrigan

Romanian / Texas, USA
18:19 min - Oct 12 - .MP4 - 1.04 GB


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Custom Clip*: "We work in the same office and you are my new secretary. You met my wife and don't like her, so you decide to ruin me for her. We are working late and you have seen me notice your 4" holographic silvery heels. You start by dangling them, luring me in, before you mention how sore your feet are and ask me to rub them. You ask if they smell, because you have been wearing the heels all day. Then you tell me to sniff them. You can see the desire building in me, and ask me to sniff deeper, while taking off all my clothes and putting on your silky panties. You ask me if that feels good, but it's pretty obvious already. You start rubbing my cock through panties with your hosed foot, then make me hump your foot while smelling the heels. After I cum, you order me to wear the panties even after I arrive home, and you give me the pantyhose as a reminder of our evening." *** 1920x1080; 18:19 min *** This clip includes elements of: FOOT FETISH, NYLON FEET, PANTYHOSE, HIGH HEELS, SHINY HEELS, FEMDOM POV, SENSUAL DOMINATION, HOMEWRECKER, FEMINIZATION, TEASE, SECRETARY FANTASY, ROLE PLAY