Molly Gets Mouth Fucked By Mistake


Marie Madison

American / Pennsylvania
17:16 min - Oct 12 - .MP4 - 811.97 MB


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Molly is my accountant. She's 50 years old and recently divorced. Such a sweet lady, but I have to admit, she gets easily confused. One day, she came down to the studio with some paperwork for me, but as her luck would have it, Mark was waiting for a new model to audition. As Molly came thru the door, Mark didn't ask any questions. He told her to pull her tits out. So, she did. He had her lift her skirt, and examined her ass. She thought it was all weird, but she did it. Then Mark put her on her knees and began working his cock down her throat. She didn't seem to mind, even as the blowjob progressed to a hard face fucking. Mark even made her show him the cum in her mouth, and held her mouth closed to make her swallow it. By the time I arrived, he had already sent her home, confused and sticky. Of course, Mark thought it was pretty funny. And Molly never mentioned it to me