Savannah bullies+carries asia


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
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Savannah is stuck in detention again. The cry baby Asia told on her. Its not her fault Asia is so weak and easy to pick on. Its no big deal. As Savannah is writing out her work, Asia bursts through the door. She has been looking for Savannah, and she is pissed. Normally she just ignores Savannah but this time she's gone to far. Asia attacks her! She kicks at Savannah and throws a karate chop! Savannah gets out of her chair surprised. Asia screams that she hates Savannah and delivers a vicious belly punch. Savannah is stunned, Asia has never tried to hit her before. As Asia continues to rain down kicks and karate chops Savannah is barley affected. This makes Asia even madder and she desperately pushes Savannah but Savannah just yawns. Asia kicks her even harder but all that does is piss Savannah off! She grabs Asia under the armpits and lifts her clear over her head! Is Asia crazy? Did she really think she could come in here and beat her up? Dose her she how much bigger Savannah is then her?!She is so much stronger then Asia. Asia screams and continues to kick Savannah until Savannah reaches down and picks Asia up in a cradle carry! She hoists her up even higher curling Asia to her shoulder and leaving her there. Savannah explains to Asia that her kicks and punches don't stand up against her rock solid muscles. Asia karate chops and slaps Savannah's ass in an attempt to get free. Savannah just laughs and begins to spin her around like a helicopter! She picks Asia up in a cradle carry and remarks that Asia looks cute like this, maybe she will carry Asia though the hallways like this for everyone to see what a big baby she is. Asia screams and tries to break Savannah's hold but Savannah is way to strong. She picks Asia up in a fireman's carry as Asia continues to try and karate chop her way free. Savannah is having fun though. She just found a new way to pick on Asia. She shows off carrying her one handed and doing squats. Savannah puts her down and Asia immediately starts kicking her again! Savannah just laughs and orders Asia to give up! Doesn't she see that her blows have no affect on Savannah's thick muscles. But determined Asia continues her karate kicks and chops. Savannah yawns, she has had enough and decides to put an end to Asia. She flips her up over her shoulder so Asia's butt is up in the air! Asia's skirt is flipped upside down! Savannah leans over and sniffs her panties, but makes fun of Asia for having dirty panties! Embarrassed Asia tries to hide her ass but Savannah starts shaking her upside down! Savannah laughs evilly as she bounces her up and down harder and harder. Maybe I can find your your lunch money now