Freebie Tuesday

Fat Ass. White Tights. Black Light

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490 5.0
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pi31415926535 Oct 31 2017
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The setting alone would make this video worth watching. Fishnet in black light is just mesmerizing.
But you don't get only that - it is Kat Destruction's amazing, huge, soft, quivering backside that lets you sit there, mouth open, staring at the screen.
The literal destruction of the garment is an added bonus - you can see how an ass of that magnitude just shreds whatever tries to contain it.
The last seconds also show a tiny, faint hint of Kat's absolutely non-tiny boobs, which leaves me hoping this video is just a start of a series, highlighting (blacklighting?) the other features of this gorgeous woman.
Are there UV-active tattoo pigments?

This video doesn't have much of a plot, but who needs a plot if you get to see my huge ass in white fishnet tights, glowing under a black light? Enjoy 6 minutes of shaking, jiggling, and flexing my massive shelf butt in this, may I say, simple yet impressive clip. Disclaimer: Any damage done to those fishnets was unintentional, they obviously couldn't handle that much ass ;D