Fetish Friday

Getting ready for a hot date


Miss Valentine

British / Oxford
16:06 min - Oct 13 - .MP4 - 313.28 MB


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CUSTOM CLIP REQUEST- I am the dominant Goddess with the pathetic cuck husband. Imagine if our friends ever found out! I'm getting ready to go out tonight on one of my hot dates, oh I've been needing a good fucking for a while. I spot you spying on me getting ready- did you think I was getting dolled up for you?? Ha as if! I love toying with your devotion and obsession with me. I describe to you all the dirty things I'll be getting up to tonight with my lover, while you'll be enjoying a hot date with your hand. Are you getting horny hearing how your wife will fuck other men? I allow you to wank as I tease and torment you. I also think it may be time to take our marriage to the next level. You are obsessed with my pussy, the pussy that I have never let you near. I will allow you to taste my pussy, but only on one condition- only after I've spent the night being fucked hard and come home with a pussy filled with spunk! I will let you kneel before me and lick me clean and if you do a good enough job, I may let you cum at the end of it