Fleece Sweater Fetish

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243 5.0
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OleDave Oct 15
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It's getting cold, so Lilly is studying while wearing a big, floppy fleece sweater. Bu surprise! She's naked underneath, and proceeds to get off with a traditional toy AND with the fleece itself! Another example of how less is more: Lilly uses a simple toy and a simple article of clothing, and the result is a remarkably erotic and beautiful video production.

I get kinky with my fleece sweater ;P I start off wearing it, talking about how I like the feel of the fleece against my skin. I rub my fleece sleeve on my body and then fuck myself with a dildo while wearing the sweater. I want the fleece even more against my pussy, so I take it off and hump and grind on it, then use the dildo more until I orgasm and gush onto the fleece, getting it creamy and wet with my pussy juice