Leather Biker Jacket and Boots



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I'm wearing leather today and this outfit makes me feel so sexy. We both love it when I tease, and the combination of my k1ller posing, and this highly erotic, fierce outfit will drive you crazy, not to mention my seductive looks and tones. Go ahead, listen to me tell you to stroke, you won't want to hold off cumming long. Enjoy my black sheer stockings paired with 6 strap garter belt, black lace panties, white men's dress shirt and motorcycle jacket. Luxuriate in my curves, my cleavage showing between the collar, the contrast between the tough leather and my soft skin and lingerie. Watch as I spread my legs wide, boots in the air, then grab the heels, bending them towards me, telling them what I wish you would do to me. Listen as I ask for you to cum