Squirting Schoolgirl

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684 5.0
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PhilBrazil - Top reviewer Feb 14 2018
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Incredible masturbation video showing Sam getting her knickers drenched as she plays with her gorgeous pussy. After she removes her panties, she uses her toys to great effect creating an even more moist pussy. A good close up reveals a lush, delicious looking meaty minge - yummy! As always Sam ends with a lovely sparkling smile which emphasises her high cheekbones and dimpled cheeks. Then she says the naughty punchline - 'Thank you for letting me cum'. Sam has been a real gem of a find for me on ManyVids. Producing high quality videos, the sound is spot on and the lighting is better than most I've seen.

WOW! Phil such an incredible reveiw! thank you so much!! and i pride myself on putting out decent quality content and it can only get better!! my nexy pay out is for a new laptop and editing software  thank you for your support xxxxx

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Holy SHIT!! this is my favorite video from this model!!!

You can tell right from the first second of this video that this frisky little schoolgirl is feeling particularly naughty. You get the feeling that you're in for a real juicy treat... And boy are you right.

Picture of the wettest pussy you've ever seen. This one is even more wet. When she first shows off her panties you can see that she's soaked completely through!! Omg

This horny little bbw whore uses not one, not two, but THREE toys on her swollen sopping wet pink pussy.

She loves the taste of her own cum
She cant help but taste her panties and toys as she tastes so sweet.

She's waited long enough. She is too horny to wait
Her sopping wet pussy deserves to cum.

This is a MUST SEE video
You must watch as Sam brings the camera in for a close up to watch her cummy little pussy

Valynmalkeenian - Top reviewer May 31
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I’ve bought a lot of Sams videos. This one of my favourites. She looks like such a dirty slut of a school girl! She uses multiple toys to get her gorgeous school girl cunt all wet and juicy! Which you can see dripping for most of the video. At one point this little whore takes her panties off and sucks all her juices out and it’s so sexy watching her suck her toy wrapped round her knickers! She’s such a babe

I've got my naughty schoolgirl uniform on ready to tease you. See my pussy juice soaked schoolgirl white panties as I rub my already dripping pussy. Once I've taken them off I suck my cum out of them. Watch me toy fuck myself on my back and I'm doggy. Spreading my pussy and was cheeks for you. I pull the camera for a Close up as I orgasm a sloppy squirt