Triple Double Pt 1 Girl/Girl


Maxine X

Cambodian / Canada
15:40 min - Oct 13 - .MP4 - 1.78 GB


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I met hot blonde, Selah Rain, at FetishCon this year. When I took her back to my place, I told her about my first TRIPLE DOUBLE the night before. That's when you get two big cocks in your mouth, in your pussy and in your ass all in the same sex scene. So, it's a 3 Xs double! I surprised her by arranging the same for her this night. Her Triple Double begins with her and I on my bed. We start to make out and I squirt on her then make her cum. Then, she fucks me with my G Spot toy as I cum some more before inviting the BBC boys to come in and fuck us and Selah's special Triple Double