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American / Las Vegas
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Ivy Brooks is wearing a sexy one piece lace lingerie outfit. She’s seduced Lance Hart into her room. She knows he’ll do anything to fuck her, and she gets off kneeing guys in the balls… Ivy makes it clear that she’ll fuck him, but only if he lets her hit, squeeze and knee him in the nuts first. She teases Lance and gets him so horny he has no choice but to ask her to hit him in the balls. After a bit of ballbusting, Ivy throws Lance on the bed to sit on his face. She needs her perfect pussy licked, and this also give her a great opportunity to squeeze and slap his nuts while he licks her pussy. She gets off on his face and starts to lick and suck his throbbing boner in her face. Now she wants some dick. She lets him slide his cock inside her. Her pussy is so good he starts to tremble. “As soon as you cum, I’m going to hit you in the balls…” she tells him with an evil smile. They fuck in a few positions. Lance can’t stop, but he’s trying desperately not to cum. He’s scared of what she’ll do to his aching balls once they’re empty. Ivy gets on top and slides his cock inside her. She rides him until he can’t take anymore. She pulls his cock out and makes him cum all over himself, then laughs and slaps his nuts