Eau de Angie, my stinkiest farts essence



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Here we go again, the most natural Angie strikes again. This amazing farting compilation is like a tiny bottle which condenses my purest essence, keep it between cottons only for your pleasure like a real treasure and open and sniff it whenever you fancy feeling so close to me. You will experience a sensational intimate connection with my asshole, you know it is special to you when it opens and rips those wonderful farts full of stinky goodness for your nostrils. Enjoy right now this smelly compilation made with 8 unmissable Angie´s daily moments. You will get to know me so well and you will delight yourself with my intense face expressions, watch how I wrinkle my nose and how I have so much fun with my smelly explosions. Stinky farts in leggins, in thongs, in the water, in my pants, from my spread asshole, day and night, short and long, discreet and powerful... A wide variety of my genuine farts, always spontaneos for a more authentic experience. You can´t miss it at all! YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: your nostrils are always open to me. HIGHLIGHTED: smelly and sexy, that irresistible combo. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW