Freebie Tuesday

New Boots for Ballbusting



American / Las Vegas
12:38 min - Oct 13 - .MP4 - 480.52 MB


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The ballbusting slave is kneeling on the floor waiting to present a tribute when Sablique enters, appalled to find him completely naked. Wanting nothing more than for the meeting to end, she demands he hand over the tribute. The slave informs her that he has spent his tribute money on a gift for her, a brand new pair of leather boots. Seeing as how the old ones got worn out kicking the slave over and over again, Sablique decides that a proper send off is to give them one last go. She has the slave spread his legs and hold his cock out of the way so that she can deliver barbaric kicks to his exposed testicles. Once on the ground, writhing in pain, Sablique has her slave unzip and remove the old boots and put on the new boots he bought her; all while simultaneously standing on his balls in the process. The slave stands for a final round of intense kicks before being dropped by a devastating blow. Feeling generous, Sablique allows her ballbusting slave to kiss and worship the boots that busted his balls. Not for the squeamish, I unleash my aggression on my slave’s poor nuts