Teen Slave Orgasm Denial and Freeze

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American / New York
1,663 5.0
15:28 min - Oct 13 - .MP4 - 1.11 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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lildommeyemmy Oct 16 2017
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Gigi is really sexy edging her mind away in this one, but Bunni on the side of the screen holding a pendant, looking hot and evil is just fucking incredible.

goodsleepyboy67 Oct 19 2017
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Gigi is very hot to watch, the way she dribbles and the way her eyes roll really turned me on. The pocket watch action only made things even more steamy for me and I enjoyed every second of watching Gigi get turned into a mindless hypno doll. This video gets a SUPER YES from me.

Gigi returns to The Doll House to further her bimbo education by enrolling in our basic slave training indoctrination class. For a submissive slut to learn how to please, first she must learn to deny her own pleasure for the enjoyment of others and we take Gigi right to the edge in this obedience training lesson. Guided only by my voice, Gigi submits to a mesmerizing mind fuck session that finds her with eyes rolled back and drooling all over her pierced pale tits. A highly suggestible subject for our treatments, the British university student once thought she was quite posh, now she finds herself reduced to a mindless quivering piece of bimbo fuck meat. Like a good doll, she's conditioned to repeat mantras and play with her cunt on command and once her mind is completely empty she's triggered to the brink of an explosive orgasm, when I freeze the pliable little doll in place and ruin her pleasure for our enjoyment. Let us show you how we turn good girls like Gigi into even better dolls at The Doll House