Freebie Tuesday

The Advantages to Chastity



American / Las Vegas
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Today we are going to talk about chastity. There are certain things that you must do to remain free. But that is not what I'm interested in. What I want to drill into your small little brain are the things that cause me to lock you away. Whether you are a porn stealing loser or a chronic masturbater you don't deserve the right to stroke without my permission. Being able to watch your cock throb and press again the cage walls brings me so much joy as I tease and seduce you into total submission. To me your cock is really nothing more than a fleshy ashtray, and I love the sound of my nails clicking against the cold steel. Every once in a while my sharp talons slip through the cracks and you get sharp reminder of how much worse it can get. With that in mind, as well as the fact that I hold the only key to your freedom, you will constantly strive to be in my good graces. Now be a good boy and go get your cage, lock up that obscene member and send me the key. I'll check back in on you in a couple days...or maybe longer... Don't have too much fun being locked away