Cum on my Jeans POV

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1,706 5.0
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DrVenture28 - Top reviewer Oct 19
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Beautiful thick fit white girl... Check. Phat ass... Check. Phat ass stuffed into a pair of blue Levi's... Check and check. When I see a woman like you in public this is all I want to do... Just cum on their jeans. Thank you so much for making this video.

You love staring at Smiley's ass in a pair of jeans and have always wondered what it would be like to cum all over her ass. Well, today is your lucky day. Smiley is wearing some of the tightest pair of jeans you've ever seen her wear. She notices you staring at her ass and decides she wants to have a little fun. Smiley lets you get a closer look at her big booty. She bends over right in your face. Your so lntoxicated by her beauty that you hard as a rock. Smiley notices your boner and tells you to take it out. Once you have it out of your pants she instructs you to stroke it to her big booty. She pulls her pants up high and lets the seam ride far up her ass and pussy lips, showing off her camel toe. She also rubs and plays with her ass and camel toe. Smiley keeps encouraging you to stroke you cock but then asks for you to cum on her jeans. You stare and stroke until you can't take it anymore and blow a huge load all over her bubble but
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