Smell my Asshole JOI

554 5.0

Nikki Sequoia

American / Las Vegas
554 5.0
10:25 min - Oct 29 - .MP4 - 1.21 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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BigBruh702 - Top reviewer Mar 6 2018
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This is a DREAM CUM TRUE for a smell fetish fan like myself! OMG! I barely made it to your countdown after watching you flex your gorgeous asshole and hearing those wispy farts! The very best thing in this video is hearing you talk! Your demanding but sensual at the same time. This is by far one of the best videos I've purchased on MV and I am REALLY hoping to see more like this in the future! Perfect video!!

You have been a good boy, and you deserve something special. I'm going to stick my asshole right in your face!! I want you to breathe deep and smell every fragrance that perfect asshole gives off while you grab that cock tight and stroke it the way I tell you to. The deeper you breathe the better it feels. Every whiff brings you closer and closer to climax, but you hold it right until that last breath when I finally tell you that you can let it go