Freebie Tuesday

Collared slave has her throat used

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Canadian / SunnyVale
1,077 5.0
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gbass1207 - Top reviewer Oct 13 2017
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WOWWWW - this one made me extremely horny!!!! Once again an absolutely AMAZING throat fucking here!!! I love it when Amelia wears her sexy collar too- it's a huge turn on! The side angles are becoming a VERY big favorite of mine as well. Really- if you're any fan of blowjobs at all, get this one!!!! Amelia is seriously the BEST at it! Cannot wait to see part 2 of this one!!!! <3

Part one of two! i look deliciously fuckable in nothing but my black collar <3 watch as Thor uses my throat as a fuck toy, holds my head down, and makes me take every inch of his cock! It's no secret i have a huge oral fixation and i love dominant men, so when Thor pushes every inch of his cock down my throat and keeps me there with a hand on the back of my head my pussy almost started dripping. He holds me down again and again, not letting me get up until he decides i get to...even if i struggle a little ;) some gagging as my makeup runs down one side of my face, a little bit of spit & messiness, and you get to hear me moan around his cock! mostly shot from the side with few POV shots sprinkled in