The Future of Mankind



American / Neverland
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I've seen your kind before - I recognize the fear and confusion in your wide-eyed stare. This broken world is unrecognizable to you. You're from the Yesteryears, having frozen yourself when the world began to fracture, when the wars began and society began to fracture. You hoped to wake up to find the world put right again, peace reigning and hope restored. How wrong you were. The world is much different now, pet. Men destroyed the world, set fire to the skies and let the earth burn in their quest for greed and glory. They destroyed it all. And now, men must make amends for their crime - those who have been allowed to live. It is women who rule now - tribes of females roaming the world, banding together to survive and thrive. We have little use for your kind. You want to survive in this world? Then you must serve. You must fall on your knees, you must devote yourself to serving Women, prove that you can be useful in spite of your inferiority. You can be My pet now, My good little bitchboy. If you please Me, I may decide to keep you. If not, well... This world doesn't need one more worthless, misbehaving beast. Mankind is fading, going extinct. Your time is finished here. And now, it's time for Womenkind to rule