1080p HD Shaving hairy armpits n bush

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219 5.0
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Perspice - Top reviewer Oct 15 2017
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love this for a number of reasons. we get to hear her talk a little more than normal. she is very pretty when not made up, not necessarily better but as captivating as ever. i like when she braids, ties back or puts her hair up(again not better than hair down but different). very cute.
like many of her other vids, i am not into the genre. in fact i have never watched nor bought a shaving vid till now. for me, everything she makes is must buy.

Camille Campbell Oct 20 2017

This has to be the sweetest review ever.. thank you!! I will take notes ;)

I have been sick and not shaving.. watch me go bald! Even though I'm a blonde, I have grown out some pretty decent hair so watch me shave it off