Stress Relief #47: Quickdraw

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Stress Relief

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Hinata_2017 - Top reviewer Oct 13
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A gooey treat for us all.

Thanks, Hinata_2017!  Glad you enjoyed the vid!  :)

Stress Relief #47: Quickdraw (1:46 mins. 1920 x 1080) Hi! My name is Brandon and I have a lot of stress in my life. This is how I deal with it. I don't just have a monkey on my back. It's an 800lb batshit baboon that keeps telling me to jerk off, constantly. And, as everyone knows, when you don't keep balance in your life, you start to suffer. I'm telling my pesky primate, "Enough! I'm NOT giving you all my time and energy!" This rapid-fire stress relief is me reclaiming my manhood and/or personal sovereignty. I'm my own Lord and Master for the remaining 23 hours, 58 and a half minutes of today. If you like the content, I have 69 volumes of "Her POV" at Cheers
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