Richard Fucks Annie Outside in the Park



American / Los Angeles, CA
16:01 min - Oct 13 - .MP4 - 1.03 GB


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Welcome to the Richard Sutherland Sex Chronicles. So my friends Richard and Annie fucked outside at a national park. They got caught so the video gets cut short where it stops. Darn it! Haha. Still a sexy as fuck video. There's something exciting and dangerous about fucking outside in public. Here's what happens up to the point where they had to shut the camera off. Richard is holding the camera while Annie is slurping and sucking on his big cock. The loud slurpy sounds are so hot as she deepthroats him and sucks him using her mouth, throat, and hands (she's got skills). Richard pulls the camera back some and looks at it so you can see his reaction. He's loving this (can you blame him? Haha). She's bobbing up and down like a dick sucking throat machine while she rubs on his nipples. She's really good at deepthroating. Richard goodness it's a lovely day outside. Nice view of the wilderness. I digress. Richard's cock is hard while Annie is sucking on his big stick. Then they start fucking doggystyle. Annie is holding the camera while Richard is pumping her pussy with his big hard cock. Richard's muscles are flexing and Annie is making the hottest moans of pleasure. Richard is fucking her super fast and hard. Annie can feel herself about to cum. He fucks her even harder and she cums all over him. "Oops! Right in my pants." she says. I know what that means. She squirted. Haha. Richard is fucking her nice and deep doggystyle. They've got both of their faces in the shot...they make sexy sex faces. Annie wants to suck Richard some more so he sits back while she deepthroats and slurps on his cock. "Hiking is a good workout" Richard says. Haha. Indeed it is. At one point they hear something and stop and look around. Uh oh. Is someone there watching? They look around. See nothing. So Annie goes back to worshiping his love wand. She's going to town slurping and sucking while she's working his cock. One hand around his giant stem, the other is playing with his balls. Richard is rubbing on his nipples. You can feel the energy of it getting intense as he's about to......then he had to stop recording. Nooooooooooo! Darn it! Hahaha! They got caught so he shut the camera off. Still a super hot video though. Applause applause! Woooooooo