Getting Ready



American / Ohio
6:30 min - Oct 19 - .WMV - 288.49 MB


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Fresh from the shower, I get ready for a hot date. You know what that means, don't you? You will be jerking it at home alone, again. While you think of me getting fucked by a big 9 inch cock, I comb my long hair, and tease you with my soft naked body--that you will never have again. I put on some pink glossy lipstick, just to tease you, knowing you won't have my lips either. I am going to have a real man's cock inside me tonight. Your little pecker was never enough for me. Serious tease and denial, hair brushing, sexy lips, and humiliating your "little man". It's all in a night's work for me! See you later! *Muah* Video is in HD 960 x 720