Leather Clad Ass



American / Ohio
8:45 min - Oct 29 - .WMV - 390.47 MB


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I am wearing a tight, short pair of leather shorts in this clip. The better to tease you with, my dear! I make you put your face right underneath my round ass with those tight shorts covering you. Want me to sit down on your face, cut off all your air with my perfect ass? My shorts are so tight that to rub my pussy all I have to do is wiggle my hips...and mmm it rubs it just right! You want to jerk just for me, for my perfect ass? You're going to milk your dick for me in my little leather shorts. I know my ass makes you cum the hardest. This clip includes: tease and denial, leather, masturbation instruction, facesitting, ass worship, and a forceful cum countdown. Video is in HD 960 x 720