Russian Girl Tickled by Reya Fet - HD



American / Atlanta
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Reya Fet - a tickling great- is SO excited to finally get the chance to tickle the Russian Girl. Could it be because she's so muscular and lean? Or are all Russian babes this ticklish? When Reya caresses her underarms, it makes this blonde babe contort and thrash around on the bed. Good thing she's restrained with handcuffs! Reya pokes and prods in every cavern and crevice, each seemingly more ticklish than the last! Reya notes that she's barely even tickling her, barely touching her, and she's just SO sensitive. Her belly button is pierced and she has a chest tattoo, so she can certainly take pain, but the tickling is what sends her over the edge! Pulling down her bikini top, Reya discovers that ever her nipples are ticklish! Of course, you can't forget the toes. Again, bound with rope and shackles, she can't move far, but this Russian Girl squirms and moves as much as she can. Super tickling fun