Lil sub wants to be forgiven


Trish Collins

French / France
17:38 min - Oct 13 - .MP4 - 1.27 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Hey daddy !!” I hope your business trip is not too exhausting. Are you having fun ? I’m bored as hell. Remember that one thing you told me before you went away ? “Do not masturbate before I get back” – well, I’ve cheated because your lil kitty is a misbehaving brat. I know, you’re probably mad at me. I couldn’t help thinking of you. But please don’t be angry, I made a cool vid for you. I’m showing off, let you take a look at my feet (‘cause I know how much you like them), and then go for a self-inflicted punishment. I put your belt around my neck and feet, spank myself, and then try some wax play on my feet (it was more painful than it looked, trust me). I know that YOU know I’m a good obedient girl on the inside; maybe you’ll punish me when you come back but I’m sure you’ll be proud I admitted my crime and took action on camera. Hope you can be here soon, I can’t wait