Eat Cum Brainwash



American / Ohio
11:12 min - Nov 10 - .WMV - 499.96 MB


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So you have told me that you love to watch my CEI clips...but you still haven't actually eaten your cum yet. What did you expect me to be, impressed? I'm NOT. I subject you to another round of brainwashing. You obviously want to do it, otherwise you'd just get my jack off clips, right? Of course I'm right. Using my reprogramming technique, you actually become aroused at the thought, sight, and idea of cum. You are going to be trained to eat cum...AND like it. I tell you your new mantra that you will repeat over and over as you stroke. What if I starved you for days...and the only thing you had to eat was your own jizz. Imagine how good it would taste! Not to mention it's good for you. You are missing out. Get that cock out that you love to jerk so much and let's start your new training. Repeat after me: "I love to eat my cum. I love to eat my cum." This clip includes: mantra, brainwashing, reprogramming, cum eating instruction, and my ample cleavage encouraging you. Video is in HD 960 x 720