Vamp Compilation! Fri 13th ONLY


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
29:00 min - Oct 13 - .MP4 - 858.26 MB


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29 minutes of recent VAMPIRE clips for only $18.99 in WMV format! (Original cost buying all seperate would be $32! ) ONLY ON SALE FRIDAY THE 13TH! GET IT NOW!!! FETISHES INCLUDED: -VAMPIRE -ALIENS AND MONSTERS -GOTHIC -MOUTH FETISH -POV SEX -FEMDOM -BODYSTOCKING -WORSHIP -ASS FETISH -WHITE BOOTY -VIRTUAL SEX -TONGUE FETISH "Vampire JOI" 9 Minute and 47 Second clip that originally cost $9.99 (Contains nudity!) "Vampire sucks and fucks you to make you immortal" 8 minute clip and Originally cost $8.99 (Contains Nudity) "Showing off my Vampire fangs" 5 Minute and 23 Second video and originally cost $5.99 (The only clip that does not contain nudity in this compilation!) "Worship the Vampire Queen of your Dreams" 5 minutes and 49 Seconds and will cost $6.99 (Contains nudity