Fistfucking toes wiggling and peeing

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319 5.0
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Cccoctopuss 4j - Top reviewer Oct 15 2017
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May I have that apple please ;))) seriously hot video slurpy fisting sounds and so sexy ankles mmmmmm

ilikewomen - Top reviewer Oct 14 2017
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stockings, fisting and feet. These are a few of my favourite things :p

JulzTaylor Oct 14 2017

Happy to hear! ^.^

Quality: HD 720p; Location: my bedroom. It's a custom video request with the following scene: "Wear this outfit but with these high heels? An start with the apple in your pussy and do some upskirt shot of pussy spreading and teasing of you pusshing the apple out, not all the way just so it come out a bit and can go back in with out you touching it, but if you have to touch it that's fine, try push it out as far as possible without it coming out. maybe i a position where one leg is higher than the other like standing on something? might be good from behind so will have to lift dress up or something. then i LOVE this position (pic #1 attached), push the apple out in this position and is it possible you can pee straight after the apple comes out? almost start peeing while you're pushing the apple out and the pee instantly follows? ok if you can't instantly do it. after you pee get into some hardcore pussy fisting still in the same position with you high heels on and after a while kick them off so i can see you arching feet in the same position and do some more fisting/stretching/gaping, i like this position to (pic #2 attached) i really like it when your feet are in a position as if you had invisible high heels on, foot pointed but you toes flexing back? maybe do some toe spreading while in this position to. i also have another idea where while you fist point your toes and flex them back into the invisible high heel position and do that back and forth kind of in time with fisting? like when your hand goes in, your toes flex and when you hand goes out, you toes point? this is a really nitty gritty thing and if you can't get it that's totally fine just flex and point like you normally would. and try this position to (pic #3 attached), both feet in view and do some sensual toe wiggling and spreading like you've done in my previous custom videos :). oh and this position to (pic #4 attached) i really like how she rests her hand on her thigh/ass, maybe you could do that but with bot feet in view, can be more front on to the camera if you want to. you can move you hand up higher and kind of pull your leg back a bit further at some points to, also while fisting in this position try just spreading your toes and leaving them open for a bit, and then go back to super sensual wiggling and point and flexing :) in general pussy stretching and toe wiggling/spreading/flexing/pointing/arching where possible. sorry another random idea, maybe try some really fast fisting at some points where you take your whole hand out and put it back in? don't have to take you hand fully away from you pussy though just so you can easily slam it back in :p. you can obviously do other positions as well. that's about it, are you ok with these requests?" - Done