In My Zone

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177 5.0
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Exsanguinate Oct 15 2017
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First thought that came across was "WOW Those abs are solid!"
The video has a great rhythm to it, what with a muscular dance moving in cadence with the music. It's evident you're truly "in the zone."
The, "outfit", in question is perfect for this, revealing what truly needs to be seen.
The posing and flexing boast a great deal of effort made to look good, and it shows. Even and balanced across your muscular physique leaves much to envy.
I'm surprised you're not making those tattoos dance along your arms and legs.

All around an excellent demonstration of your talents as a bodybuilder. Don't drop the abs, and keep up the gains. And for god's sake, clean up that floor!

KinkyNirvana Oct 16 2017


Something about getting my rave outfit in the mail made me want to FLEX! This is 5 months post my first show and currently adding mass to make some more lean gains! (And finally starting to get some in the rear as well lol!) Best of all, abs are still here