Freebie Tuesday


385 5.0

Ellie Idol

American / Westeros
385 5.0
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Fourier Apr 24
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Maybe the best way to die.Thank you Princess !

uglypaul - Top reviewer Dec 27
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I will watch anything and everything you produce GODDESS!!! You are so evil in this one

I'm a sadistic hitwoman hired by men's wives to take them out for large sums of money. I never get caught since I have the ability to shrink my victims to any size if I so desire. I always give men a "final meal" of my nasty brown sh!+ and you'll be NO different. I love sm0+hering men with my ass as they rim me. I also thoroughly enjoy shrinking them and sticking them inside my anus to suff0c4+e. Though my absolute favorite way is ch0|<!ng them to d.e.4.+h with my sh!+. You're bound to the floor, helpless as you watch me pull your bodyguard from my leather top. I tighten my grip around his shrunken body to crush his bones and then stick him in my ASS to end his life. You're horrified, knowing you're next. Open your mouth up wide! If you don't cooperate, I'll shrink you down and do what I did to him