Unboxing some new toys

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American / Atlanta, GA
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17:37 min - Oct 14 - .WMV - 65.09 MB - 320x240
TaylerTexas Oct 14 2017

This was so much fun to film with you! ;)

NateYork Oct 14 2017

Thanks! I had a lot of fun as well :)

TaylerTexas Oct 16 2017
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I may be biased, as the female counterpart in this video, but I think it's great! This is a pretty casual video showing two sex workers in a relationship unboxing a shipment of sex toys we had just ordered. One by one, we'll pull each piece out, open it up, show you, and tell you what we like. I think the variety of toys is enjoyable, though there is definitely a specific type of toy you'll notice we really enjoy.

NateYork Oct 19 2017

Thanks Tayler - always a pleasure to film with you!

NateYork Oct 15 2017

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

I love shopping for new toys. You can never have enough of them. Come join Tayler Texas and I as we unbox our latest order from one of our favorite adult stores on the web! You'll find gags, hoods, and a few additional things that we get to play with! This should give you a view into our inner desires when the camera is off :) If you want to know where we shop or have any questions about anything you see, just message me and ask
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American / Atlanta, GA