Your IMPREGNATION fantasy come to life


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
6:43 min - Oct 14 - .MP4 - 261.38 MB


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Clip is 6 minutes and 43 Seconds CLIP INCLUDES: -VERY EXPLICIT SPREAD POSE -YOUR GIRLFRIEND SUPRISES YOU WITH A FAKE PREGNANT BELLY SINCE ITS YOUR SECRET FETISH -PREGNANT FANTASY -IMPREGNATION FANTASY -FANTASIES -BLONDE -EXPLICIT -OPEN LEG -DIRTY TALK Your blonde girlfriend has a suprise for you... "Hi baby. So I have a little suprise for you. Close your eyes...." She says you can open them and you see her with a HUGE PREGNANT BELLY and a tiny black dress on! You ask "Whats this?!" She says "Remember when you were telling me that you like PREGNANT ladies? Well I thought I would be one for you tonight..." She RUBS her PREGNANT BELLY...."Would you like to fuck me tonight as a PREGNANT LADY? Maybe this will help us get our own baby...Put all your SEMEN inside me then get me BIG AND FAT and then Ill look just like this! What do you think?" she says as she rubs her FAKE BABY BELLY and SHOWS YOU HER BARE WHITE ASS. "Would you like that? Would you like to shoot your big fucking load inside me? and all the sperm going way up inside me and then I can look like this in a few months!" She says as she keeps rubbing her big fat fake pregnant belly. She keeps rubbing her belly and getting more and more nasty with words like "Would you like to shoot your big fucking hot load inside me?" and "I cant wait for you to jizz all inside this pussy." She turns to the side to really show off the BELLY as she keeps rubbing it. "Would you like it if I had a nice big ROUND BELLY like this? Are you ready to stick it inside me baby? IMPREGNATE ME!" "Dont you want to shoot that hot sticky load inside me so we can make a baby?!" I know you love cumming inside me without a condom anyways." She gets down on the ground and SPREADS WIDE for you. "Are you ready to get deep inside me and shoot that big load?" she says. "Are you ready to get me PREGNANT and give me a BIG FAT BELLY like this?" She says with her legs spread wide open and rubbing her BELLY. "Its ready and waiting for you! Are you ready to get it deep inside there?" She says as she spreads her pussy with her fingers. "Are you ready to cum so deep inside me and get me PREGNANT? Shoot your juicy hot cum way inside there!" "give me that big fucking cock and get it deep inside me so we can make a baby right now!&quot