Freebie Tuesday

New gassy record: 82 burps in 6 minutes



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How many burps would my throat be able to throw in a few minutes? No gas beverages or any other gassy stuff which helps it... I was wondering that and the answer was easy to know: I just had to test it. These are the things a bored woman thinks of when in the bus stop or in the supermarket line. And of course, it became my following challenge: trying to break my previous mark. I train my throat by singing a bit of pseudoopera -warning: mind your ears!-. It warms a bit and it is now ready for the belching explosion. Here we go! Just with my throat and my genuine gas containing techniques I start my gassy challenge, and you are the privileged witness to enjoy every monstruos burp. Love them? One after another one resounds in my mouth, I am crazy! Strong burps which come from my beautiful red lips and feed your best fantasies. Wow! What an entertaining sexy show! You can´t take your eyes off my pretty face and my busy mouth, my belches captivate your ears and you start feeling that burning arousal in your cock. I am irresistible, baby! And yes, I broke my record so far! I am able to throw 82 belches in just 6 minutes! I even afford the luxury of taking a few brief breaks. Can you believe it? Just go ahead and check by yourself, honey. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: a life without challenges is a boring existence. HIGHLIGHTED: enjoy the goofiest Angie having fun with her own noisy show. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW