The Satin Fashion Show


Lacy Luck

American / USA
19:37 min - Oct 14 - .MP4 - 845.16 MB


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Custom Clip: A bedroom lingerie fashion show with you modeling 2 or 3 types of lingerie, with masturbation and encouragement toward the end. You are standing in front of the dresser, wearing the gown, and are unaware that I am watching you. After turning slowly back and forth to give a front, side, 45 degree angle, and rear view of you, rubbing yourself as you move, you are suddenly pleasantly surprised to find me watching you. You say that you are glad that I am here, and you have been wanting us to be alone for a long time. As you begin to rub the sides of your breasts, you say that you have heard that I really love satin lingerie, and that you have a few things that you want to model for me. You turn to give me several different views - bending forward at one point. You ask my if I like what you are wearing, and then say that you are going to change into something that you think I will like even better. A slow strip tease commences. Next, after a short view of your beautiful naked body, you pick up the blue chemise. You slowly pull it down over your head, letting it hug your breasts as they jiggle slightly as you pull it down. When it is all the way on, you pull it tight so it shows all of your curves. You model it for me so I can see you from all sides, including the 45 degree angle, turning slowly as you move, asking me if I like it. Bend forward a bit so I can see your breasts in the satin as they hang from the front and side view. You then begin to rub your pussy, and ask me if you are making my cock hard. As if I am showing you, you reply that "Wow, it is hard, isn't it!" You then tell me to hold on, that you don't want me to cum yet, that you have more satin to show me. You slowly pull the nighty up over your head, letting the satin glide over your breasts on the way off. For the last nighty, the lavender chemise, you are basically modeling it in the same fashion as the previous one, making sure to highlight your satin covered breasts from the front, sides and bending over, with slow jiggle a few times along the way. This time you proceed to turn around, facing rearward now, so I can see your beautiful ass. You rub your ass a little, asking me how I like that, and then bend over a little. You then ask me if I am ready to cum, and that you have one more thing you want to do before I cum. Depending on the room setting, you move to sit either on the edge of the bed or in the chair. Random verbal masturbation encouragement at this point. You rub the sides of your satin covered breasts a bit, and lean forward briefly along the way. You stretch out on the bed so you are laying on your side facing me with your elbow holding you upright, kind of like how I would see you if we were laying side by side facing each other. I clearly have a front view of your satin covered breasts and pussy. After rubbing your pussy for a bit, you ask me if i want to see your tits. You sit up just enough so you can slowly pull the lingerie down to show your naked breasts, unobstructed view, letting the lingerie rest around your belly. You ask me if I like them, and tell me that you knew I would. You then lay/lean back to the original position ( laying as if facing each other) and begin to rub your pussy and ask if I am ready to cum, and that you want to cum too. You are rubbing your pussy non stop, but very slowly, stating that you want to go slow so we can cum longer. The view of your breasts continues to be unobstructed, with some slight jiggling of them occurring. while you rub yourself. After a few more moments of rubbing, you announce that you are almost ready to cum. You start rubbing yourself a bit harder, and tell me that you want me to cum inside of you right now. You beg me several time to please come inside of you. You have a smiley, happy orgasm, moaning while rubbing your pussy at an almost medium pace, letting me know how good it feels. Your beautiful breasts should have some jiggle to them while you are cumming. You slow the rubbing pace as your orgasm ends. When you are done, you lick your fingers and tells me how good it felt. You now sit up on the edge of the bed/chair and slowly put the nighty back on, letting your breasts jiggle as you drape the material over them. Tell me that it felt so good when we came together, and as you touch her finger to your lip, say that you really want it to happen again another time. You wave goodbye and the video ends