Sexy Strip and Peeing Into Bowl

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xxvx77 Oct 15
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Best body I’ve ever seen! No exaggeration. So petite and ripped

I am dressed in a lacy, sexy bra and matching panties. I show off my toned body for you as I move my hands slowly over my body. I sway my body and show you my cute booty and give it a little jiggle and squeeze just for you. I carefully remove my bra and panties. I spread my legs and gently rub my pussy. This gets me so excited that I have the urge to pee! I pick up a big glass bowl and place it on the floor. I lower myself over the bowl so that I am kneeling with the bowl between my legs. You are waiting eagerly as I spread my pussy with my fingers and begin to slowly pee. I pee in little spurts for you, letting it out in bursts. You watch the bowl fill a little more with each squirt. After every last bit drips out, I pick up the bowl and swirl it so that you may admire my pee