You're My After School Snack HD

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American / Wonderland
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After a long day at school I can't wait to fall into my bed and bust out a snack. Of course that tasty snack is you and all your lil buddies. I plop down onto my bed and unzip my backpack. Inside is a bag which I open up. On your end there is complete darkness until you hear the loud sound of a zipper being pulled then the deafening crinkling of the bag you are surrounded by as light starts to pour in. You see my grinning face and my large hand coming forward. One by one I eat your tiny friends til there is only you left. I saved you for last. I even show you where you are going, my big belly where you belong. You are my food, my nourishment. You are my after school snack. MP4 HD. Tags: BBW Vore | Vore | Giantess | BBW Giantess | School Girl Vore | Swallow | Shrunken | Ebony Giantess | Ebony Vore | School Girl | Big belly | BBW Belly | Glasses | BBW Glasses | School Uniform