Freebie Tuesday

My First Solo Sliming

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American / Atlanta, GA
56 5.0
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TaylerTexas Oct 18 2017
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If you're a fan of slime/sploshing, this video is great! It's a really fun video of a first time solo splosher exploring multiple colored buckets of slime. He starts off dressed but is nude by the end, tub half filled with slime. He even performs his first head dunk in this video. He really looks like he is having fun, and as a WAM fan myself, I feel that really shows through in this video!

NateYork Oct 19 2017

Thanks! I really did love it. No such thing as getting too messy :)

I’ve done a lot of WAMming but have never actually done a solo sliming before! Well, here it is! I start off in a t-shirt and shorts and cover myself in my favorite colors of slime. After stripping down, I get even messier and make sure I slime every inch of my body. Just when I thought I was done, I find another bucket of slime and do my first ever head-dunk! Come see some of my reactions to doing things for the first time. It ends with a bucket of slime over the head and a very messy finish. I made such a big mess that it took a couple of days to clean up afterwards
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American / Atlanta, GA