Vape Smoking Bully


Olivia Rose

American / Sin City
12:31 min - Oct 14 - .MP4 - 901.97 MB


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Laila finds herself tied up and gagged with a white cloth. She is really confused until Olivia Rose walks in. She starts mumbling and pleading with Olivia to let her go, but Olivia has other ideas. Olivia is going to punish her with vape smoke. She then starts blowing thick clouds of vape smoke right in Laila's face, covering her with the thick clouds, and making her cough. Olivia Rose proceeds to tell her that she is super tired of Laila acting super cool and is going to teach Laila a lesson she wont soon forget. Laila knows there is no use struggling. The ropes around her wrists, ankles and body tying her to the chair won't come loose. She is able to wiggle the gag out of her mouth and plead with Olivia to let her go, even offering to do her homework. Olivia doesn't care. She wants her freshman ass to pay and cough on all her smoke. She keeps blowing it in Laila's face. Cloud after cloud, after cloud, making her glasses fog up with smoke and her room fill with it. Olivia laughs maniacally as she does it, utterly humiliating Laila and blowing smoke in her face till she is practically crying. Soon she gets bored though and leaves Laila to her own devices and to struggle to get herself loose on her own