Crushing Fat Shaming Ex


Johnny X Starlight

American / California
7:18 min - Oct 18 - .MP4 - 163.58 MB


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I don't know why I ever put up with you. The way you talked about my dear friend Ivy and her body, the way you talked about my body! You think I'm fat? Did you think being a lazy piece of garbage, having me constantly waiting on you, and then trashing mine and my best friend's bodies was going to work out for you? Now you're nice and small, just like your soul, and we are going to crush you in the most appropriate way possible- Ivy is going to squish you into nothingness with all of that fat you hated so much. Bye bye fucking loser! Starring- Ivy Davenport: @hotfattygirl Johnny Starlight: @JxXxStarlightSM