Blonde Bomb Squad: Ada's Slave Seduction



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Ada Bomb had some extra time due to a delayed flight, so she decided to make a trip to visit her old ex-lover, Count Gregor. When she arrived at his place, she was surprised to find that it was not he who opened the door, but a pretty little blonde sub who introduced herself as slave Tasia. Ada looks her up and down and decides she definitely wants to get a feel (and taste) of this adorable subby babe, so she invites herself into the Count's home and flirts with Tasia over a glass of wine. It doesn't take long for Ada to get her pinned down with legs open on the bearskin rug, and she deviously devours Tasia's sweet cunt while ordering the slave to taste her, too- the slave gleefully complies as they 69. The Count shows up right as Ada brings his little slave to a roaring climax... he is not pleased, to say the least. Tasia crawls towards him and begs for forgiveness, while Ada flashes a sly smile and explains how she intended to meet him, but couldn't resist the juicy doe-eyed slave who answered the door instead. Count Gregor is irritated, and orders the girls to follow him into the dungeon for some punishment. It's Tasia's turn first, and the Count delivers rounds of tickle teasing and lashings before allowing his old flame Ada to get in on the action. Grinning ear to ear, Ada makes the slave wriggle uncontrollably with a feather tickler and squeal from rough flogging. The Count decides Ada has had enough fun, and rigs her up with Tasia. Sinister and bratty as ever, Ada enjoys each sting and blow he inflicts upon her body, and it's clear his punishment isn't going to sweeten up his ex-lover into submission... but all three have some wicked fun