Prego Doctor Giving you a Prostate massa



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I know this is uncomfortable for you, but it'll be over in just a moment. Try to relax. Yes, yes I know if I had a doctor exploring inside me with his finger I'd have a hard time relaxing too. But...try for me See? that wasn't so bad. yes, yes yes...I know its before I let you get down and get dressed again. I have a couple questions for you, we may need to do an additional test. After test : OK! time for the special exam, now based upon the tests earlier from what I can tell you're perfectly healthy...but...your extreme arousal is atypical, so I need to be sure it isn't a symptom of a larger problem. Yes, now for starters, I'd like to keep your hands on your sides, no covering your erection. and do all what nasty horny pregnant doctor will tell you and get all what she doing to you and your little tight asshole